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Dreamwings Dash 8 fix?


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I found a thread about the problem (I've only got to nudge the throttle and the aircraft accelerates wildly on the ground, and is way overpowered in the air too), but all the links are dead. Does anyone by any chance have the 'fix'? I could start tinkering myself, but as this no-longer-available fix seems to remedy things, I'll hope someone can advise before I start messing around. (Fixing thrust power is not as straight forward with props as with jet aircraft - making the wrong changes can easily have unwanted knock-on effects)..





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This seems a bit better, but the a/c still has very 'sensitive' condition levers. If they are set too high during taxi, the plane accelerates quickly with throttles at idle. With the condition levers set properly (I have them mapped to my X52), then the a/c behaves just fine.


Thanks again.

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