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Autolink broken (not that it is a bad thing)


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As of now, 18:15 Zulu, autolink appears to be broken.


Personally, I am not a fan of autolink as it can appear that posters are advertising for products unintentionally.


However, having random words turn blue (and into links) is slightly less annoying than seeing the non-working BBS code.



the Bean

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And not only that, but the link now also goes to a page with content. (it was empty before).


for example, click this: scenery.


I mentioned that to you a couple of weeks ago! Most go off to an FSWiki.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Hi MrZippy,:)

I remember. At the time I had clicked addons.

That led to an empty wiki page.

(And it still does btw)


Now I clicked scenery.

That did have content.


Btw, I didn't realise at the time, but it is not a link to wikipedia, but to "FS Wiki". And that that is still inside FLightsim.com.

You can even see at the bottom of the page which other members are viewing the page.


Happy flights,


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