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Hello Flightsim & Questions?


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Hello Guys,


First off I would just like to introduce myself to the Forum. I'm Anthony use to play Flight Simulator way back in 2004. I haven't played since around 2006 so a lot has changed since then so would class myself as a newbie! I have just treated myself to a new gaming PC to get back in to Flight Simulator, So I have a bunch of questions I'd like to ask if that's ok.


1) What Flight Simulator would you guys recommend?


2) Is there software out there where I could leave my PC so the co-pilot would fly the aircraft in my absent? The joys of having kids :)


3) What software would you recommend to add AI aircraft to make airports and flying more realistic?


Thank you for your time and hopefully I don't miff to many members off with the newbie question ha!



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Welcome! It's time to make you go crazy!;)


1. I use and would recommend FSX boxed version or FSX-SE which is a download and is on sale occasionally.


2. There is a payware program called It's Your Plane where you can have a copilot do as little or as much of the flying as you want. http://www.itsyourplane.com/


3. I highly recommend World Of AI for your AI aircraft needs. http://www.world-of-ai.com/index.php

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Wow! I need one of those. I join a VA and log 10,000 hrs 'flying' credit without ever ONCE being at the helm! I'll be at work making big bucks (I'm SMART that way). Or on the ski slopes. Or playing 'Doom'. Ha! Sweet! ChaChing. DooDooDooDoo (Twilight Zone). Epic F.A.I.L. Reality don't meet expectations? (Yep!).

Chuck B


i7 2600K @ 3.4 Ghz (Turbo-Boost to 3.877 Ghz), Asus P8H67 Pro, Super Talent 8 Gb DDR3/1333 Dual Channel, XFX Radeon R7-360B 2Gb DDR5, Corsair 650 W PSU, Dell 23 in (2048x1152), Windows7 Pro 64 bit, MS Sidewinder Precision 2 Joy, Logitech K-360 wireless KB & Mouse, Targus PAUK10U USB Keypad for Throttle (F1 to F4)/Spoiler/Tailhook/Wing Fold/Pitch Trim/Parking Brake/Snap to 2D Panel/View Change. Installed on 250 Gb (D:). FS9 and FSX Acceleration (locked at 30 FPS).
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