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GA C46 black windshield


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Hello: Thank you all for your help in solving the GA C46 Alaska paint ghost problem. The next problem with this aircraft is the black windshield. The virtual cockpit is perfect but the other cockpit has all the gauges in the right place but no windshield. I can move this black area down and see the airport. Also, using the hat button on my yoke I can look in every direction (7views) but straight ahead. This is a problem with all the GA C46 aircraft, not just the Alaska paint.


I did a search through here but did not see anyone else mentioning this problem.

FS-SE Windows 10



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Are you using:






(from the flightsim.com file library)

(the ones mrzippy suggested in the previous thread)


I just had a look at that. The 2D main panel in it has transparent windows.

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I have the C46v2 by Libardo Guzman Garcia, with Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson. The version 2 mods are by Tom Gibson. There is no problem with the VC. The problem lies with the 2D cockpit. The files you mention are for the FS2004 version 1. I have the updated one for FSX. I will check out the update as it mentions a new forward view.


When I say I can lower the black out of the way, I just click on it anywhere and then holding the mouse button, bring it down. The entire cockpit moves down, including the instruments and the airport appears.

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Still don't know which one. What was name of zipfile you downloaded, and downloaded where?


Bet it's this one!


FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Propliners FS2004 Curtiss C-46 Commando

[ Download | View ]

Name: gac46v2.zip

Size: 25,408,211 Date: 04-06-2011 Downloads: 8,234



fbq1.giffcq1.gif FS2004 Curtiss C-46 Commando v2. This is a modification of Libardo Guzman's C-46 version 1. Gmax modifications by Tom Gibson. Updates include: VC panel is now sharper. VC levers now operate properly, and include mixture and cowl flap levers. VC without crew is available. Versions with four bladed props (both VC crew and without crew) are available. Wing views included. Updated flight dynamics. There are now three separate versions of the plane, classic era US and European version (no high blower), WWII era USAAF version (vintage panel, high blower, higher weights), and modern era South American version (high blower, strobes, modern panel, etc.) Modern panel by Pete Ham. You can load cargo into the fuselage hold, if you wish. Use the tailhook key to load the cargo. There are exhaust flames when the throttle is increased - blue for medium throttle, orange/red for high throttle. The main wheels have been enlarged slightly. Version 1 textures are compatible. Everts livery by Brian Gladden, USAAF livery by Cliff Presley. FSX compatible. By Tom Gibson, Greg Pepper, Libardo Guzman.


Here is the 2D cockpit with the FSX version of the panel installed.


C46V2 2D panel.JPG

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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gac46v2.zip is the one I downloaded. However, sometimes the simplest methods slip by my slow moving brain. When I installed the FSX panel config I renamed the panel as panel.bac and installed the FSX panel file. This only installed the .cfg file without the BMP files. The VC panel worked properly but the 2D panel did not have a the proper windshield. All is well now. Thank you for your help and please accept my apologies for not using my brain and wasting your time.
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