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Logitech Extreme 3D pro buttons?


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Hey again everyone. I just got a Logitech extreme 3d pro yesterday, and I love it. I found out the trim buttons, flaps, and gear. What are the rest? If you can find out that would be great.









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As Flytv1 posted, the choice is mostly yours. :)


I've been using the same X 3D Pro for quite a while, something like 7 years, and you learn to really like this unit. It just grows on you after a while, especially if you like to keep open space on your desk.


In my experience, some button assignments work better than others. If your sim acts fussy over some key set ups, consider changing them.


While one of this stick's strong points is that its basically unbreakable, you may need to take it apart from time to time (I'm talking years, so don't panic) to tighten up the positioning sensors. Taking one of these things apart isn't hard (it was designed to be quickly and easily assembled) but it will be tricky the first time you try it. There were some Youtube vids showing a guy taking one apart and re-assembling it you should look for. Its one of those things where I can't really tell you how to do it, you just have to do it yourself and feel how it goes back together (one thing to write down, always be sure to push down slightly when putting the hand grip back together). When you're putting the hand grip together and you've got everything aligned right, it literally falls back together. :D


There are some weak points to watch out for, however. The side buttons (esp. buttons 9 and 11) will feel like they've worn out after a while. In most cases they haven't, the buttons just need to be pressed back into position. Likewise for the hat switch and button 2 on the grip. Your rudder sensor (which is located inside the hand grip) may also work itself loose over time (again, we're talking years). If you notice a steady "pull" to one side while you're flying, try running the calibration routine and see where the rudder lines up. If its always off to one side, the position sensor has become loose.


So, over-all its been a great stick for me. The X 3D Pro may have some quirks over time and "wear" can become an issue (its really not wear, its how its built which will make sense after you over-haul yours the first time) but like I've mentioned- I've been using the same stick for years and I just recently bought another as a spare in case mine ever fails for real.


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