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Block Island Pt. 2


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Day time shots. More to see.

















P3Dv4.5, nothing but Gigs of ORBX, REX 4 TD, REX WW Airports HD, SkyForce 3D, ASP4. I7 8700 CPU Liquid Cooled, 32g 3200 mem, GTX 1080ti on an ASUS Prime Z370-A Motherboard with Win 10. Goflight GF166A VRP, 2 X RP48, GF-T8. CH Pro Yoke and Pedals.
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Hi Klee,


It's ORBX so - FSX/P3D...


Alex - the developer - became interested in creating this airport after I posted a real world screenshot of flying an approach to Block Island on the ORBX forum last year...


The best you can do for the area in FS9 is Vauchez's Flightzone-01 (KPVD and surrounding area) - I think it offered some improvement to Block Island - it is an outstanding package and highly recommend it if you don't have it... I think Aerosoft had a Martha's Vineyard - but - Flightzone affected coastlines so I don't know if it would conflict - I didn't try the Aerosoft product...


Beautiful screenshots...





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Oh yes, Block Island! I doubt anyone who has ever taken a United States Power Squadron navigation course will ever forget Block Island! The navigational charts for that area almost have no empty areas. There's some navigation point everywhere you look on the chart! :eek::eek:


I also have the ORBX scenery and love it when flying there!:cool:



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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