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how do you show intersection names on the MFD?


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I did a shared cockpit with a viewer in my stream. He was telling me about some of the details on the format / range dial with the default crj700 and the multifuction display. I'm pretty sure he did something to add the intersection names to the MFD, but i can't figure out what. I've hit about everything and still stuck on VOR. Seeing the intersections would be a big help with departures and arrival procedures.
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I believe he was hosting but it was a default FSX CRJ700 but maybe he had something extra?!


here is the link to the


Around 1h28m in, we start talking about the MFD. I swore i saw 5 letter intersections and not 3 letter VORs. I could be wrong. Its hard to see in the video.

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sorry i think i replied to MrZippy and not to the post


He might have been hosting me, but it still looked to be the default FSXSE CRJ700


if you look on my video around 1h26m, we start looking at the MFD. I thought i remember seeing 5 letter intersections instead of 3 letter VORs

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You can also see them using the Radar Gauge.

Filename: gauge.zip


In the Flightsim.com File Library.


FSX - FSX Panels

FSX Radar Gauge

Name: gauge.zip

Size: 24,378 Date: 04-25-2008 Downloads: 1,758


FSX Radar Gauge. A simple radar, AI traffic and session information gauge with brief instructions on installing into your own planes.



Here's a screenshot of it showing two of it's three panels.

Selecting FIX in the gauge control panel shows the intersections on the radar.



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