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I bought this product after hearing of its excellence.

It is undoubtedly a very fine product. I have followed the very difficult instructions, and have found it too difficult for me. Linking to a 2nd computer is beyond me. The instructions talk about Ports to be used, Network tweaking etc.


I asked a professional IT specialist to help with its installation. I will report back.


Has anyone successfully used this product?





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Hello Keith, well, I'd say that I use it almost every day... Every time I kick-start FSX.

I use it on a SamsungPad(Android) in my cockpit and, as I only fly GA planes, it suit perfectly to my needs. Work perfectly.

Don't hesitate to contact Fermin Fernandez, the software developer, at http://fswidgets.com for help. Fermin give a very good (and quick) support for his products.




i7-4790K(16gig) on Gigabyte Z97X(G5)/NVidia GTX970OC/Win7 Ult(64) on SamsungPro

SSD 240/FSX Gold+Accel on SamsungPro SSD 120/Saitek yoke/rudder/radio/multi/switch

panels/Logitech G13Pad/TrackIR 5/GMap on SamsungPad ... and very happy with that !

i7-4790K @4400 on Gigabyte Z97X (16gb), GeForce GTX 970 OC, Corsair Spec case

Win7 Ult(64) on Samsung850 SSD(256), FSX+Accell on Samsung850 SSD(256), Track IR5

Saitek yoke/rudder radio/multi/switch panels, Logitech G13, GMap on Samsung tab

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