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Posky 737ng


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I install Posky 737-800 (Boeing 737-800 Jet2.com) but don't want to use the default 737-800 panels.


With the installation there was a sub dir created under FSX/Flight Simulator 9 there i find sub dir of

Flight Simulator 9/Aircraft/PSPanels/Panel/PS737NG/Panel ( I install the PS Panel via setup.exe which is included)

Flight Simulator 9/Gauges/PS737NG/ (no cab file but bmp's and xml files under sub dir PS737NG) and this what I would like to use.


I made a back up of the Posky Boeing 737-800 Jet2.com panel and named it Panel.Bak and copy the the PS737NG Panel to Aircraft Posky Boeing 737-800 Jet2.com


But now there is no gauges in the panel (VC and 2d panels). How will I get this to work

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Where I put this as there is no Texture in the download






When adding new texture folders,place a copy of the texture.cfg file into the new texture folder,if you dont,the VC will not work with the new textures."

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Sorry for not be more clearer. English is not my first language so here it goes.


I install Posky Boeing 737-800 Jet2.com from Rikoooo's web site at link http://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/55/745. After installer finished with the installation I went to airplanes in FSX/Simobjects and open Posky Boeing 737-800 Jet2.com just to see if all files are there. Under Posky Boeing 737-800 Jet2.com I saw a text file named Install.txt and Posky 737-800.txt - Please see attachments and quotes


Project Opensky Boeing 737-800 Jet2.com

for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 ACOF


Author: Mathieu Vos

e-mail repainter: Mathieu.Vos@upcmail.nl

Site : http://members.chello.nl/j.mast50/





This is the Boeing 737-800 of Jet2.com.



Other Enhancements:


I suggest that if you want an "as real as it gets" experience in your 737NG, download and install the following:





Undoubtedly the most outstanding, detailed and realistic Boeing 737NG freeware panel available is by Paul Scarratt. This was formerly a payware panel under the company name PS Panels. Very nice whether you paid for it, or you get it free. To get it, use the following link at AVSIM.COM:




or look for the filename 'setup.exe' on AVSIM.





There are a few out there, but I've enjoyed Des Braban's 737NG sounds for some time. To get this sound package, download the following files at AVSIM.COM: - 737pkg.zip






- First and foremost, Project Opensky and its talented people for the B737-800W model and paint kit,

- Martin Wright for the indispensable DXTBMP utility program,

- All the countless other people like you who make this hobby one of the most enjoyable I know!


This aircraft is made by Project OpenSky


Tested : Project-Opensky Members

Painted : Mathiëu Vos

Site : http://members.chello.nl/j.mast50/

CONTACT : Mathiëu Vos - mathieu.vos@upcmail.nl


************************************************************************ *******


Features ( in depth ):


Fully animated control surfaces

Fully independent suspension

Front gear steering

Trim Animation

Opening Passenger Doors

Dynamic flexing wings

Animated tilting bogies

Rolling wheels

Animated thrust reversers

Fully reflective textures ( each part has different degree of reflection based on material )

Accurate flight dynamics ( accurate FDE with full profiles for wheels, tires, struts, leading/trialing struts, engine types ... Tested by real pilots.)

Accurate spoiler animation

Detailed textures

Full night lighting

Visible landing lights from the thingypit

Reflective thingypit windows

Crash affects

Transparent Nav light lenses


************************************************************************ *******


For contact and information visit our webpage:-



************************************************************************ *******



Just unzip the file and send the Texture folder to the Project Opensky Boeing 737-800 folder. and past the text in the aircraft.cfg


************************************************************************ *******




Opening Passenger door: Shift + E ( Opening door )


************************************************************************ *******



********** COPYRIGHT AND DISTRIBUTION **********


This aircraft is released as FREEWARE.


Copyright © Project OpenSky . All rights reserved.






-For painters please see our webpage we are open for paintings.

-However our official reapaints are not copyright free you need to ask permission

of the repainter if any of our repaint work is used.

-For any other changes you must ask permission to the Author.

-No charge may be made for this package

-This Aircraft may not be bundled with any other package ( freeware or payware )

-The use of this aircraft is at your own risk, the author cannot be held responsable.



Project Open Sky


So I download both links provided in Install.txt


So I install PSPanels via provided installer and point to FSX directory. But have difficulty

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The plane is for fs2004. Not fsx. Is the panel also for fs2004? Check the panel's readme.txt file carefully. If it is for 2004 it may require gauges that are default in fs2004 and not present in fsx.

Come to think of it, mrzippy might know a fix for that. Maybe I can find it too... Let's see who's faster.;)



Btw, your link to the panel doesn't work (for me). I used the search function.


I'll have a closer look later.

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The gauges work fine.

You'll have to align the irs to see the gauges light up.

Scan panels carefully, then trial and error.

Or read the manual very closely I suppose. (There is a latge pdf file included in one of the installed folders, called:

737NG Operations Manual.pdf


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I had a look at page 40. IRS is the main to start everything but my panel gauges are gone there is only black holes not as fig 3.7.2a on page 41


The PSPanel is in SimObjects/PSPanel/PS737NG/Panel and the Posky 737-800 panel.cfg is




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IRS is the main to start everything it seems. PSPanels is situated in SimObjects/PSPanels/PS737NG/Panel. I made a backup of the Posky 737-800 Panel folder as suggested by the PS Panel PDF and called it PanelBackup . I then cleared all entries in the panel.cfg of the Posky 737-800 and add the following in Posky 737-800 panel.cfg





Start FSX and select the Posky 73700 the 2d panel is there but no gauges only black holes where the gauges should be. This also happens when I tried the IRS configuration as per page 40 of the PDF manual.

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Did you install the gauges that were in the download. After using the setup.exe file they are in a folder called:

..\Flight Simulator 9\Gauges

In there is a folder called: PS737NG

That is what you need to copy into FSX.


You can install PS737NG in your main gauges Folder. It may be better to install it in folder:


That way they are kept with the panel that uses them. Cleaner.

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I install PSPanels the first time in FSX and not Flight Simulator 9. I paste the gauges of PSPanels to FSX/Gauges/PS737NG but 2d panel have no gauges also there is no VC. I tried to upload the main_panel.bmp but forum uploader said file invalid


I did install the gauges now to ./SimObjects/PSPanels/PS737NG/Panel as you suggested.

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You can take a screenshot of what you see using fsx. just press the V key.


The screenshots are in the "My Pictures" folder.


Then open the screenshot in "Paint", and save it as .jpg file.

You can't upload .bmp files here.

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I install PSPanels the first time in FSX and not Flight Simulator 9. I paste the gauges of PSPanels to FSX/Gauges/PS737NG but 2d panel have no gauges also there is no VC. I tried to upload the main_panel.bmp but forum uploader said file invalid


I did install the gauges now to ./SimObjects/PSPanels/PS737NG/Panel as you suggested.


I don't know if that was just a typo, but it should be:


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The PSPanels is in



and panel.cfg code is




I start FSX and select Posky 737-800 it starts withe PSPanel but no gauges


IT IS WORKING. I needed to open Overhead panel and click on GRD PWR to turn it on

But now after a few seconds that the GRD PWR button is turned on in the Overhead panel the gauges went dead but GRD PWR button is still on. I tried again and now the gauges displayed.


I just pick-up that

1. PSPanels do not respond to all FSUIPC commands.

2. Engine 1 starts but shut-down after a few seconds

3. Engine 2 does not start at all

4. When I disable parking brakes all panels went dead/blank when parking brakes is enabled again gauges turned on.

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