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Harry Clemence: trying to install B737 aircraft


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I have enjoyed your flightsim for many years until I had to give it up for family reason. I'm backnow and am rebuilding my programs and have run into a problem. To reload my B737NGX I have to have afile that I will try to fill out. The problems It doesn't seem to be doing any good and I can't load the aircraft. The info they needis www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=8986. Could this be checked for accuracy and if so suggest who to I send it too? I would assume PMDG wheere I bought all my B737's up to NGX and was surprised that a couple of years away caused this problem.



Thank you

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Some aircraft only work on fsx if fsx de-luxe has been updated with 'accelleration' (not free) or instead with 'SP1' and 'SP2' (the service packs, free).


Your link is to SP2.

I didn't know that was offered there. I used to look for it here.




Btw, edit your post and remove your e-mail adress.

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