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GA Twin Piston Study Aircraft???


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Hi All,


I was wondering if there is a General Aviation Piston Twin Engine Study Aircraft (to the level of the A2A 172/182/180) on the market?


I have 200+ sim hours between the Cessna 172 and Cherokee 180 at the minute, so I want to move onto something a bit more complex and learn twin engine management/handling. I don't see the point in purchasing the 182 to be honest. I have the Dash 8 Q400 but after a few flights I have parked it in the hanger as I think its too complicated to try and properly learn everything at once (Systems as well as twin engine management).


I'm doing my PPL in a 172 and the A2A simulation is, in my opinion, as close as a sim gets to the real thing (although the real plane dosen't seem to 'float' as much on landing) so I was hoping to get a Piston Twin with the same level of depth.


All feedback is much appreciated.




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Not having the A2A 172, I don't know how real it is, and cannot compare with it, but I've been very pleased with the Carenado Baron 58. I will say, though, that I have yet to encounter an FSX twin that comes close to matching the way a real twin handles engine out and asymmetric thrust (FSX is too gentle). You can play with procedures, including feathering the props, dealing with cowl flaps, real flaps, gear, airspeed markings/v-speeds, etc. but the yaw from the low power/dead engine (along with the accompanying rolling moment) doesn't come close (real world is much stronger yaw), so its value is limited, as applied to understanding the real world twins. And prop drag (windmilling or at idle) is rather minor in FS vs. very strong in the real world.


It'll be a lot better procedurally (not handling wise) if you have a twin throttle quadrant to practice with.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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RealAir Piston Duke V2?

Definately a great plane. Well worth taking a peek at it.


You might also want to look at Milviz's Beech B55/E55 Baron and Cessna 310R.

The Milviz Baron handles quite similarly to the FSX default Baron, but, that's where the similarity ends.It's interior and exterior detailing is excellent. Almost all switches and dials are mouseable.


If adverse yaw, and, one engine flight practice, are important, the 310R may be the way to go. With that plane you must be on the the rudder. Too much for my lazy butt! :p ...Don

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Thanks for the replies guys! I'll read a few more reviews before i decide, but at the minute the RealAir Duke v2 is out front :)... In the middle of exams at the minute so haven't much time but I'll let you's know what I eventually pick :D
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If you're into vintage radial stuff you might be interested in Aircraft Factory's Avro Anson - of course it's not RealAir level in terms of systems simulation but I found it has a great atmosphere and provided me with a good challenege on X-wind landings.



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