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CPU core problem?

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Landing PMDG 737 at KLGA, I get the following data from Windows Task Manager:


CPU Usage 55%

Memory 5 GB

Physical Memory steady at about 50%

RAM 55%

CPU Usage History (4 cores): first two cores are loafing at about 15%, last two cores are maxed out.

(The last core seems to be dedicated to FSX.)

Frame rate during approach and airport taxi down to 9 fps virtual cockpit and 12 fps outside view.


I am concerned about CPU core usage. Is this normal for FSX or is the workload on my CPU cores imbalanced?





Digital Storm, Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Intel i5 4690k (OC 4.5 GHz)

Dell U2713HM & Dell 2405 PTW, ASRock Z97, 500GB Samsung 850 EVO, UT2

8GB DDR3 SP, NVIDA GeForce GTX 970, Nvidia Inspector, RC4, Opus wx,

FSX Gold, GEX, UTX, REX (4, Soft, Airports), FS Global 2008, PMDG 737 & J41

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That sounds about right. FSX is mostly a single threaded program, meaning most of the processing can only be done on one core. It may use additional cores for loading terrain data and textures, but once loaded the extra cores will drop back down in activity.
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