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Cat Cay, a private Island.


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A variety of planes flown with very poor skills due to being distracted by some fun beach going ladies. Scenery is Cat Cay, Bahamas, here is the wikipedia link:




As you may notice, still tinkering with airport runway and taxiway ground polygons. Just today started with custom lines on runway. Had to recreate ocean and ground textures in some areas due to lack of imagery, but the island is 100% true to real life.

Absolutely Freeware, made with a pletora of existing freeware lib objects.

Jan: just tried to send you a pm, mailbox is full.



Beach girls California -5DT.jpg





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I like the last screenshot Oppsss it is real photo that I like:rolleyes:






I'm not so sure they're real Aharon. I believe they may be "store bought!" Perhaps Annber could post a few more photos so we can better decide. :rolleyes::rolleyes::cool::cool:

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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It should work with FS9, cannot test though since it is no longer installed, may let you beta test:)

LOL guys, I will have you know, the one on the left is my wife, middle one is wife #2, the one on the right is wife #3 , all mine and they like sharing home duties.:D;)

Here are two more of texturing work, not quite happy though:mad:



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