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CH Yoke Programming Gear


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The FSX Landing Gear is a toggle. So you probably can only assign it to one or the other. But notice the extend manually, maybe try that for one button.




If you have FSUIPC4 (PAID), I THINK you probably can assign it to both buttons. I've got the same yoke but use a Saitek switch panel for gear, so not sure.

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Hi Vern,

It looks possible as "GEAR_DOWN" and "GEAR_UP" are legal commands. It seems that the easiest way to implement these would be to assign commands that are available in the FSX Events column to the yoke buttons and then replace the temporarily assigned commands by editing the Standard.xml.

Here's a snip showing the section to be edited in "XML Notepad".




I have the CH yoke and I have button 6 set to Gear Toggle (button 5 in the picture).


Jim F.

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It's straight forward to do by editing the Standard.xml file.

You need to end up with the following entries





where n1 and n2 are the numbers of the keys you are assigning.

The easiest way to do it is to assign two obscure functions to the keys within FSX so the entries are easy to find and then edit the entry to change the commands to GEAR_UP and GEAR_DOWN.

You can also do it via the paid version of FSUIPC or via HIDMACROS both of which will give you access to the full range of commands - many more than you can assign within the FSX control screen.





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Hi Novatar,

Here is how to do it via FSUIPC.

Open FSUIPC from the add-ons entry at the top of the screen,

click on Buttons + Switches tab

press the first button you want to assign - its details will pop up in the boxes Joy# Btn#

click in the box on the right 'Select for FS control

click on the down arrow at the right of the box 'Control sent when button pressed' and that will give you a drop down list (this gives the full list of assignable functions)

go down that list until you find Gear Up and left click on it so it appears alone in the box

then repeat the process for the other button and Gear Down

Finally click OK at the bottom of the window and that will complete the assignments and save for future use.

Once you have done that successfully you will be able to assign any other functions you might wish to.


Have fun



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