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Exclude Builder stopped working.


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My Exclude Builder v2 has suddenly stopped generating .xml files.


Have used ExBuilder for years without any problems. It's a simple little program and very effective. But I can't figure out why it won't create .xml files for me. Tried all I can think of to get it to work like downloading a fresh copy of ExBuilder, going back to an older archive saved copy of FS9, and even did a System Restore in case something in Win7 was blocking it from generating .xml files.....no luck.


Anybody out there have any ideas I can try to get it operating properly again? :confused:


Barring that, is there another add-on program which will do the same thing for FS9? I've got trees and generic buildings I need to remove from some airports.


Any and all help appreciated.


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Hi Willy;

Thanks for the response. Was completely unaware about MSXML 4.0. It's installed on myu cptr, but I downloaded and reinstalled it again. Not like it wasn't properly installed in the first place, as it asked me to repair the already installed version: so I did.

Unfortunately it made no difference. ExBuilder still won't generate an .xml file. Would it make sense to uninstall and then reinstall it anew?


One thing I didn't try is re-installing FS9. Perhaps the main program has been corrupted somehow, although my earliest saved archive copy goes back to July and when I tried to use that version I still couldn't generate an .xml file with ExBuilder.


Have to admit it but I'm really stumped here. Never had a problem with ExBuilder before.! :(


Can you tghinbk of anything else??


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Maybe a security update has removed Excbuilder from your Anti-Virus whitelist?

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Nope...that didn't work. I re-nstalled FS9 but ExcBuilder still would not generate an .xml file in the re-installed FS9...so cause is not within FS9. Must be with the ExcBuilder program itself.


What I have in the way of files for ExcBuilder looks like this;










Readme for ExcBuilderV2.txt


Is this what your Exclude Builder looks like? Its a simple program but I can't help wondering if I'm missing some files that make up the program.


This is turning out to be a frustrating mystery!!! :(



Oops..sorry...don't know how to delete this attached image!

ExBuilder Prog..jpg

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Hello JonBuck.


I have some questions.

What OS are you using - WinXp - Win7 or Win10?

Are you receive an error-message?

The files Fsuipc.dll and FSConnect.dll must be in the modules folder of FS.

Have you the tutorial of Excbuilder? If not, I can send it to you, if you let me know you e-mail adress.

Maybe it can be also a "COMDLG32.DLL" problem by missing or corrupt in Win System.



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..........Barring that, is there another add-on program which will do the same thing for FS9? I've got trees and generic buildings I need to remove from some airports...........


WRT to the Q posed in the quote - an option would be to use Airport Design Editor (ADE) - see http://www.scruffyduck.org/airport-design-editor/4584106799. It comes with a comprehensive manual and allows you to add exclusions.


WRT to the actual problem - try to run the program again and then immediately look at the event logs for any clues. Look at any entries that have either a yellow or red symbol. Hopefully, this will give you a pointer as to what is causing the issue. Key logs to check first are the Admin, Application and Security ones.




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Hi Willy:

OS is Win7. No error msg. All the files you mentioned are in place incl COMDLG32, and I have the tutorial (thanks for the offer to send it to me). Read it over and follow it to the letter, but something just blocks the little program from generating an .xml file. Can't figure it out. Gotta be something simple, but can't find it.


May just have to take Brian's advice and look into the 'ADE" program. Have no idea at this point what it's all about but it's looking like I'll not have any success in solving my little riddle.


Thanks for your help. If you can think of anything else I might do, I'll be happy to give it a try. I've got so much work and effort invested in FS9 and many more little 'projects' in mind to complete that I need to stick with it; cranky and out-dated as it is.



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Thanks for the response. I looked in ExBuilder's 'Properties" but found no clue there. Is that what you meant by 'event log'? ( I'm not that skilled to know ). If not, where can I find the event log?


I'm not having any luck solving my little ExBuilder problem, and may have to look to the ADE program. Don't know anything about it. Assume it's not a simple little app like ExBuilder, right? What does it do? Does it work with FS9 or FSX? Will it effect existing excludes?

I'll try to download it in the meantime.



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Hi Jon,


The event logs are a set of logs that contain details of actions taken by the OS and other programs and can offer a wealth of info regarding FS and other apps related issues. See this webpage for more info and how to access them in W7 - http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/226084-event-viewer-open-use-windows-7-a.html


That said, a possible reason for the problem is the location of the file being written to. If its located in a folder that the OS 'controls' then it may not be allowing the changes to be written. The more common 'User' folders that are affected by this are the Program, and/or Program(x86) folders - note both folders will only be present if the OS is a 64 bit version,. These folders tend to be the default location suggested by the FS installer but, as I have not used ExBuilder, don't know if it the case here. Basically, any file in the folder comes under the control on UAC - a utility that 'blocks' activity it considers dangerous.


One option to try is to run the program in 'Admin' mode and see if that makes a difference. There a number of ways to do this but to test to see if it works the easy way to do so it to right click on the shortcut or the actual .exe file ad select Run As Administrator option from the menu list. If that works report back to the thread or PM me and I will give you details on how to set it permanently to run with Admin rights.


Another option is to turn the UAC settings down or off altogether but be aware that there are some security issues to consider. See http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/disable-user-account-control-uac-the-easy-way-on-windows-vista/ for more details regarding UAC and how to make changes to the settings.


WRT to ADE - having not used ExBuilder I don't know if it is easier to use that ADE but I think its fair to say that ADE will be more complicated as you can use it to build complete airports from new if you so wish. ADE works for both FS9 and FSX and will not affect other exclusions - indeed it won't affect any scenery you have installed unless you actually open it in ADE and make amendments.


Whilst a bit daunting at first ADE becomes fairly easy to use - especially if all you want to do is add a few exclusion areas. It is backed by a very comprehensive PDF manual and has plenty of experienced user who share their wisdom over on the Scenery Design forum. Also the developer of the program is member on this site and often answer the 'call' for help and advice.




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Thank you so much for all your time and effort Brian, I really do appreciate it.


Your response illustrates why this forum is such a helpful place for both new and old Flight Simmers and why cranky, old, out-dated but well loved programs like FS9 and MS's earlier Train simulator is alive and well and still being used and enjoyed around the globe.


I think I may have discovered a clue to my odd problem. My Win7 OS has been corrupted to the point that I am now going to have to do a 'Factory Re-Install'. It won't download any new system upgrades, has dropped my system restore dates even though I just did a restore operation a couple of days ago, and files entered into MS Explorer constantly disappear. (Good thing I systematically back up my files to both the cloud and an external drive, so they are not entirely lost.) Perhaps the solution to my little ExBuilder problem will come when I go through that dreaded dance! I'm not un-familiar with the process though, having done several in the past....but it's never an enjoyable experience and I'm not looking forward to it!!


We're about to embark on a trip and will be gone for nearly a month so I'll have to wait until we return to attempt what an old-timer used to call the 'electronic enema': always a time-consuming and unpleasant process!! Even though this old computer is used only for simulator programs like Flight and Train Simulators and only has what is needed to run them...there is still lots to re-install! (Important house and work 'stuff' is on another cptr...thank goodness!!!)


In the meantime I think I will take a serious look at ADE. Exclude Builder is a very small, simple, add-on which I have been using for years along with AFCAD. My passion is taking the bland airports in Flight Sim9 and turning them into the airports I have known back when I was a kid (restoring in time so to speak, like during WWII ) and even some of those I currently fly into here on the U.S. East Coast as a volunteer pilot for the Coast Guard. So I need a means of removing generic scenery like bldgs. and trees and replacing them with more realistic ones in order to make the bare and plain fields come alive. If Exbuilder and AFCAD won't do it for me, I'll have to learn how to work with ADE. Sounds a bit intimidating, but not impossible.


As a total aside, last summer (September 2015) I had the distinct pleasure of traveling with a group of aviation-minded folks to dear Ol' Blighty for the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, an experience I'll never forget. Those young guys were early boyhood heroes of mine (along with the Flying Tigers) and I've been working on a little project to convert the bland FS9 airfields around London and Kent look more like they did during the WWII period. Some FS9 affectianados in England have created overlays for Tangmere, Biggen Hill, and Hawkinge, to name just a few, which I've downloaded and populated with Sqdns of parked Spits and Hurricanes. Even have some later-on Meteors and Hunters (a particular favorite of mind) on the far side of Manston. Great fun but many more small fields yet to be convert for the older Spits and Hurrys. That's why I was so annoyed when ExBuilder quit on me! Was starting to create Lypne, along the channel coast.


Anyway, we leave on Nov 22nd so it will all have to be put on the 'back burner' so to speak, until we return. Please pardon me for rambling on so, and taking up your time. But I do want to thank you for your help.


After I do the Factory Restore 'thing', I'll let you know if that restores my Win7 and ExBuilder to normal working order. I do have FSX on the cptgr, however it is used only for IFR practice. I know I will someday have to make the switch and leave FS9 behind and assume ADE would come in very handy then.


Thanks again and take care, my helpful friend!

Jon Buck

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Hi Jon,


No probs - very happy to help.


WRT to the reinstall - something you could try prior to going down that route is to do what I shall call 'a clean up' of your system - it may even resolve the issue without having to go down the re-install route.


I assume you go online using the affected PC - do you have/use an anti-virus and/or anti-malware product. Some of the symptoms you have described could be a result of having a virus or malware. if you don't have any such products look at downloading a freeware product such as AVG (anti-virus) and the freeware version of Malwarebytes (Anti-Malware) and run them. WRT to AVG - you can download the basic freeware version install and run a scan or you can get the AVG Rescue CD software (which is also free but marketed for business use). The CD is in fact a downloadable tool kit that can be saved to and run from a CD and/or USB stick at boot up without installing the main AVG product. Also ensure that your windows firewall is on - check using the Security settings within Control Panel.


Another handy tool to get hold of and run is a registry cleaning tool such as CCleaner (again freeware). This type of tool will check the registry and will repair/delete invalid keys as required.


Also worth trying is running a Windows built-in tool to check the integrity of all protected operating system files and replaces incorrect, corrupted, changed, or damaged versions with the correct versions where possible. The utility is called System File Check (SFC).


I strongly recommend you backup any important FS related data before hand and run the verify only option first to see what problems, if any, you have.


To run SFC go to start > run, type CMD and click OK.

The resulting window should show an entry similair to this - C:\Users\youracctname>

Type cd\ and hit enter - this will take you back to the C:\ prompt


To start SFC type one of the command lines listed below and hit enter


If you just want to verify only type sfc /verifyonly (note the space between sfc and "/") - using this option no changes will be made if errors are found and when it has finished it will display a list of any errors found.


If you want to find and repair errors type sfc /scannow (again note the space between sfc and "/") - using this option the program will automatically attempt to repair any errors found. At the end of the process one of the following messages will be displayed:


Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them.

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them.


Note: The process can take a long while to run and may seem to have stalled - it hasn't just wait until you get the one of the messages stated above. If is also worth noting that you may have to run the utility several times to fix all the problems. If the first run found multiple problems and states that it was unable to fix some of them, rerun SFC again. This is because one or more of the unrepairable problem file(s) probably relies on one of the now fixed files to be running correctly before it can run itself.


WRT to your comments regarding Manston - I have fond memories of Manston. I'm ex RAF (Telecommunications/IT) and was stationed at RAF Ash (Nov 87 to Jun 93). As Ash was what the RAF termed a 'Green Site' (a site that has no domestic buildings, accommodation blocks etc, only operations related buildings), we were 'parented' by RAF Manston and accommodated there. When I first arrived there we were initially accommodated in WW2 era wooden huts until they built the 'new' accommodation blocks now present - these blocks were built initially to house those at RAF Ash, which was planned to remain operational for years, and, from 1989, to house the staff and trainees of the RAF Fire Fighting and Rescue Squadron which moved in from RAF Catterick.


Ash is located about 10 miles south of Manston and was, during WW2, a satellite site of the former RAF Sandwich (located about 2 miles E of Ash). both Ash and Sandwich were part of the Home Chain radar system. During my period at Ash it had been specifically re-opened and refurbished to what was termed as a R3 type bunker and was used to initially test the then new UK Air Defence Ground Environment (UKADGE) system before roll out to other ADGE sites. It was then used as an OCU to 'convert' Fighter Controllers (FC) and Assistants (A) (affectionately known as 'Scopies') on the new system whilst the main Fighter Controllers School at Neatishead continued to teach the basic fundamentals of FC/A roles using the old system before Neatishead was declared IOP with the new system. Shortly after this, and with the vast majority of FC/A converted, it was decided to transfer the training role to Neatishead and place Ash back into 'care and maintenance'. It effectively closed down soon after, being sold to a civilian company in 1998.


Have a good trip........




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