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FSX AI traffic not showing

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Hello everyone, I just kinda need some help about an issue with my fsx. Everything has worked well up to this point, but all of a sudden most of the AI traffic is gone. I would like to emphasize the word "most" because not all are gone. But at LAX for example, the traffic list doesnt fit on the whole screen so you have to use a/shit+a to go through all the air traffic. But when i just launched it today, the entire traffic list easily fits on the screen. Not sure why this is happening. I have Sky AI V2.0 for my AI traffic. Also i unchecked the "aircraft casts shadow on ground" and "aircraft casts shadow on itself" boxes but even then the traffic is still mostly gone. I was wondering if anyone had a reason as to why this is happening. If you need any screenshots or any other details, please let me know, Id be glad to provide them. Thanks for your help in advance.
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