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loss of ATC sounds in Fsx


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:confused:Can anyone through any light on a problem with ATC sounds when all I have done is installed a new monitor ie from 24" to a 27" prolight X2783HSU. My other monitor was 4yrs old 21"prolight and I wanted better graphics but it seems I have lost Air Traffic sounds. All settings have been checked and found to be ok. Apart from the monitor I have only changed the leads from a VGA to a DVI-D. Does anyone know a solution to get ATC back as it should be?.:pilot:
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Some things to try:


Under the "Options/Settings/Sound Menu check the "Windows Sound Device Voice" and change "Default Voice Device" to "Speakers (High Definition Audio Device".


Also look in Control Panel/Sounds and look for something that refers to telephone and check mark do "nothing"

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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