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Help installing FreemeshX scenary files


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I know that people will jump onto this and say you posted about this before,which is true but that was months ago and I have just got a new PC and I have forgotten how and what I did please can anyone help I would be so grateful ,I relly just need to no the proper format for the scenery files I know how to get them into the scenery Lirary but they are comeing up with an error .


Kind regards



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There are no such operations needed. You just unzip the downloaded files, then use them as is.

The unzipped folders contain .bgl files. You don't need to do anything with those. Just install lhem.


And, error message? What error message?

Is is the same thing you asked about in this thread?


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yes I did say it was at the beginning but I had a breakthrough lol I just don't know how to patch the files now or load patches I have the regeions installed they just need patching the difference between when I did it before I now have an SSD as c drive so steam is on a different drive don't worry I will survive if you cant help lol


Kind regards



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Do you mean you don't know how to install the patches?

I googled:

freemeshx patches


here's the link to patch 5. You can see there:

patches 1.01 – 1.04 will no longer be needed.

It has the install instructions there.



here's the link to patch7 the last one, which says:

This patch is non-cumulative. I recommend you install the cumulative patch 1.05 and patch 1.06 before you install 1.07. Many fixes and upgrades are included in 1.05 and 1.06.




here's the link to patch 6.



Hope that helps, it's explained better there then I can in a short post.

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Hi il66pp Thank you for your reply I remember doing that I just have one more question lol the patches folder that is installed how would I do that ,I understamd the part you have linked me to but cant queit grasp how to get the actual patches folder in the list and thanks for being patient with me I'm not all that experienced with this sort of thing do you just add the first patches folder then over write in the same way think I understand now I will let you know if it goes t*ts up lol thanks again I do appreciate your help :)


Kind regards



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Hi ilpp88

now I have a scenery config file error I think it might be the directory structure is this the structure FreeMeshX- Africa with scenery file inside or or is it FreeMesh -Africa /FreeMeshX/Scenary getting really mixed up lol none of the freemesh folders I entered are reconosed all give an error something like remote scenery directory in scenary not found should it be like this FreeMeshX/FreemeshX-Africa/scenery ok I tried it again and a error comes up :

Scenery. CFG File error .Remote scenery directory () in scenery not found click ok to continue I really don't understand !!!!




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You have the main filesets. Like:

FreeMeshX - Africa

FreeMeshX - Antarctica




Inside: FreeMeshX - 1.05 Patch

You see this:

---Image: patch 1.05.JPG ---

patch 1.05.JPG


The Patches folder from there, you add next to all your main filesets. That will be the Patches folder.

You can activate that in the library.



Then the other folders in the patch.

For example:

FreeMeshX - Africa

Open that, it contains a folder: \scenery

open that, it contains 3 files:


--------Image: Inside patch1.05 -- Afrika -- scenery.JPG ------------

Inside patch1.05 -- Afrika -- scenery.JPG


Those three files you copy,

you add them to the main Fileset folder: FreeMeshX - Africa

And you overwrite any files that have the same names.

(Because the patch updates the Main Filset)



Same for the other updates in the patch 1.05 file. (see first image).



Then you do the same thing for "FreeMeshX - 1.06 Patch".

There is again a Patches folder in there. Use the files in that to copy to the Main Filesets Patches folder you created earlier. Overwrite if needed.


The other folders in "FreeMeshX - 1.06 Patch" are:

"FreeMeshX - Europe"

"FreeMeshX - South and Central America"


The files in there are again copied to the main filesets corresponding folders.




Same with patch 1.07



When you next start fsx, fsx will see that the .bgl files have been added. So on startup you get the message:

"Generating scenery index" (or something like that).

Perfectly normal that.




Your error "missing remote scenery" is different.

That sounds as if you had created a scenery folder, then added it to the scenery library,

and then deleted the folder containing the scenery files.!!!


Never do it like that. If you want to delete a foder with scenery files, you MUST ALWAYS: delete the scenery area from the scenery library first.

Important that.


If you do it the wrong way, you scenery.cfg file gts messed up.

I'm not good at fixing that.

Using the program "scenery config editor" may help.

(available in the file library.)




Thinking one more thing: It says REMOTE Scenery.

That may mean the fsx can't find the scenry not because you deleted or moved the files, but....

Because the files are on an external harddisk.

Could that be it????


If that harddisk was connected, but there was already a USB stick connected as drive F:\, and the harddisk became drive G:\

and you then added the scenery to the library.

the scenery is in the library as G:\folder\folder\scenery


But if you then disconnect both drives, and now you only connect the External harddisk, the External will now be drive F:\ instead. (no longer G:\)

That would mean the path G:\folder\folder\scenery

is no longer a valid location for the scenery.



I wouldn't put scenery on an external drive for that reason.

If you do want to do that, or have no space elsewhere, then an option is to:

Use the Windows Disk Management menu to assign a Fixed drive letter to that external disk.

If you assign It Letter F:\ It will always be F:\ when connected.


(I think it even means that if the extrnal is not connected, and you onnect a USB stick, that stick will skip F: and automatically become drive G:)




I'm no good with fixing a scenery.cfg error.

But do post the exact error. In full.

Or post a screenshot of it.

Someone will know.



Just in case, here's an image of my main filesets. How I set it up.

For me that is the contents of the folder:

E:\Extra Addon Scenery\FMX


My Main Filesets.JPG


I added each of these folders to the scenery library.



And when a patch comes out, I just add the files from it to these folders.

No reactivating in the library needed.

Just get the one time message on starting fsx "building scenery library" or something.

And you're away.

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Someone forgot an IMPORTANT step:

Install all or your choice of base files, as above. When putting them in the scenery library just ensure that the `Patches` folder is installed last, so that it sits above the base folders in the scenery menu in the sim.


Now manually move ALL the folders, retaining that order, so that they sit above 1107 Base in the scenery library.




ALL patches can now go into the `scenery` sub-folder under Patches - there is no need to mess with ANY of the base folders, sub folders or the files inside.


If you have done ANYTHING else, delete and start again. You are making something very simple into something unnecessarily complicated.

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Hi il88pp

ok I'm trying really hard with this but getting no success, thank you for such a brilliant post

and explanation really appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

right well I think the problem is that I foolishly added the file sets for FreemeshX to my fsx directory and tried to instsall them from there ,stupid move I have made a not of the errors I cant do screenshots but the errors are:-

Scenery.CFG file error.invalid remote scenery path in scenery Area, 120 click ok to continue


Scenery.CFG file errorLocal scenery directory(...\...\...\FreemeshX\FreemeshX-Europe\SCENERY) in scenery Area.140 not found click ok to continue

The bottom error comes up when I install all the file sets and the top one all the time

I do have a external HDD which I copied the files from to my E drive but I cant see that making much difference the CFG file and scenery file seem corrupt and the strange thing is steam is validating the game files ,and even when I do a clean install the same thing is happening.I cant find the config editor I need a default config and scenery file but don't know how to get them I really don't know what to do next?

And thanks again for all your hard work with the post excellent :)


ps Scince I posted I have got rid of the Area 120 error by unticking the addon scenery entry but I did notice entry 1 and 2 in the library are missing does that matter?


Kind regards


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I thank you for your reply but I think I did what you described and got the Scenery.CFG file errorLocal scenery directory(...\...\...\FreemeshX\FreemeshX-Europe\SCENERY) in scenery Area.140 not found click ok to continue so I don't know I will try again but I don't hold much hope I think its fubarred .I just installed again and full of scenery config errors local scenery directory every one pops up an error. I do have GEx installed and REX Essentials with overdrive and soft clouds would they be causeing problems?

kind regards


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Pleas do not reinstall over and over again.


These errors are because you added the mesh to the scenery library in fsx, and then deleted the mesh files.

If the scenery library has entries that point to a missing folder you get these errors.

It's basically saying: "Can't find the scenery"


The scenery library is the result of the file "scenery.cfg"

That's a list of all the area's.


As I said, how to fix I don't know.


What I would do is use the program sceneryconfigeditor.

It open's the scenery.cfg file while fsx is not running.

It has an "automatic fix" mode.

And any entries in the list that point to missing folders are marked in red.


Do the needed editing in there. Then save.

It only removes the entries from the list. It does not delete any files.


Please do not delete the files manually either.

All you need to do is get your scenery.cfg file in order.

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Also, the message you see on startup is just a message. Not an error, and it won't stop fsx from running.


It just means.

Area so and so in the sccenery kibrary (=scenery.cfg file)

points to a location

where the files that are expected there

are not now.


Get the scenery library entry out of the list, ands the message is gone.



Even with the message there

fsx still starts,

and all other addon scenery's that are in the correct locations, are still loaded just fine.


It's just a warning message. Telling you to fix the scenery library list (=scenery.cfg file).



If you just click ok and ignore the message, you can play fsx without issue.

Just cleaner if you can clear the message. But not absolutely required.


So don't get overanxious because of this. FIx it at your leasure.

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Just in case you start looking for the file,


--Do not manually edit the file scenery.cfg that is in the main fsx folder.

That one is important and must not be changed.--


the file fsx actually uses is somewhere else. That file is changed by adding something to the library, and by sceneryconfigeditor.


Again, I don't know enough about editing that file manually. That's why I recommend using sceneryconfigeditor.

In case you want to have a go at manually editing, see this post:


And find more posts about it


And make a backup before any changes!!!



This has a full explanation of somone fixing it manually:


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Hi Just like to say thanks to the 2 people that have helped me with my problem thanks guys for all the help you have given me especially il88pp who as gone above and beyond to do his best to explain how to install this program it may help other people who have the same problem I think it stems from not being an avid Simmer ,not making excuses lol but someone who simms a lot would no the concepts of installs scenery etc. Anyway a big thank you:)


I have now installed freemeshX but I don't know if its working or not lol I'm not getting any game errors so I assume for the most part that it is .

Having just purchased a super new machine I was keen to get FSX working well for anyone interested my new Machine Specs Are:-

Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz (Skylake) Socket LGA1151 Processor

Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 Intel Z170 (Socket 1151) DDR4 ATX Motherboard

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-24000C15 3000MHz Dual Channel Kit - Black (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) HD-335-SE Seagate 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache HDD - OEM

Samsung SH-224GB/BEBE 24x DVD±RW SATA ReWriter (Black)

Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 CPU Cooler

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-03 Mid Tower Gaming Case

Super Flower Leadex GOLD 550W Fully Modular '80 Plus Gold' Power Supply - Black

Samsung 25 Inno3D GeForce GTX 1070 HerculeZ Twin X2 8192MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

0GB 750 EVO SSD 2.5" SATA 6Gbps Solid State Drive

Inno3D GeForce GTX 1070 HerculeZ Twin X2 8192MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

Well thanks again guys for all your help:)

Kind regards


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