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Laptop Users of P3D V3


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Shalom and greetings all my pals,


If there is any laptop user among all of you who uses P3D version 3 or later, please come forward and post here any tips, advices, and suggestions for any laptop user such as me who just bought P3D version 3 meaning I am totally new to P3D and is not well versed with P3D while flying on FSX for 8 or 9 years.


Thanks and looking forward to tips, advices, and suggestions from any laptop user who is pro in using P3D version 3 or later on his or her laptop.






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I am not sure about a tip, but I have a suggestion. My laptop is a Dell / Alienware 18, with two video cards in SLI. I would suggest you have two cards like this, or an external video processor to use P3D v3. It is worth the money for the hobby and experience. I get double the frame rates and most of the sliders to the right (though not all).


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Concur. The P3D experience is optmised for the kind of grpahics you rarely will get from a laptop, the kind of processing power you don't generally get from a laptop and flight fidelity that comes from the use of a full set of flight controls that are not conducive to laptop operation.
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