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Trouble with Textures in FSX STE


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I have just purchased a new laptop with a high end graphics card and moved the FSX STE on to this machine. With the C: drive on a 255 GB SSD drive, I coaxed Steam and the FSX STE install onto a 1 TB D: drive. I am having issues with textures (I believe with a halo or 3D light bloom,) in Orbx Friday Harbor only.


Not being as familiar with the structure of FSX STE I am struggling to fix this…



NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 [Display adapter]

Generic PnP Monitor (17.1"vis)

Hitachi U220W DVI [Monitor] (22.0"vis)


Interested in advice and thoughts from the FSX forum?



Douglas Merkler


Screen Shot 09-30-16 at edit.png

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What you are seeing is Orbx lights in DX10 mode.


Try updating your Orbx libraries.


Turning off DX10 is also an option.



the Bean

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