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ai aircraft and gps problem


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I have asked about these before , I believe. I have had some answers and suggestions but none of them have seemed to work. Likely because I don't know what I'm doing.

Anyway 2 things. These did not happen at the same time,and can't remember which happened 1st.

#1. For some reason I have lost all my airplane/airline traffic. Doesn't seem to matter if I am on free flight or in missions, default or downloaded. At airports there are no planes of any shape or size around, Or even in the air, so consequently no ATC chatter either. I can open the ATC and talk with them ok. I even have my sliders turned up quite high (80% or so) .

#2. My GPS. Normally the default zoom is 10NM ,right? Well mine for some reason opens at 20 NM. I can still zoom in and out if I want. It doesn't seem to matter which model of GPS either, They open set to 20 NM. Also doesn't matter if free flight ,missions ,default or downloads.

My biggest problem is if I am using water runways/airports, If I zoom in closer than 5NM I loose the runway (that line that shows the runway(s))Also loose the airport ident (ICAO) letters . The land airports are ok., closer than 5NM I can see the runway .

So heres my 64 dollar question.

If I were to put the FSX disks in and run that repair thingy do you think that would solve these 2 problems?

Yes......no.......maybe........no clue...... check one.

My OS is windows Vista Home , My FSX is FSX Deluxe and Acceleration.

Why I ask is I think I have heard that repair thing sometimes does more harm than good. So I may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

I don't think these 2 things bother the game in any other respect other than it being a little lonely at airports and losing the water airports if zoomed in too much.

Couple of things I'll clarify . AI traffic . It seems to be only the aircraft that seems to be affected. At airports I see ground traffic, baggage carts ,pushback trucks ,etc. Passing over roads I see road traffic. In the water I see boat traffic .

The GPS . I have even tried something that was suggested once. Go to free flight and set my GPS to 10, then save that as my default flight. Nope, when I come back to a free flight or a mission that D---N gps is set to 20NM.

And it doesn't matter which airplane i am using ,GA , jet, airliner. default or download . still that stupid 20NM

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I copied this reply from Don...fxsttcb several years ago and I think it pretty much still applies to the Repair Option.


The biggie with a Repair is any default file, including those default aircraft.cfgs with added liveries, that have been modified, tweaked, or otherwise changed, will be returned to default status.

You can make a copy of your existing FSX folder/subfolders before the repair and paste those individual files back in afterwards.


If you have SP1, SP2, or Acceleration installed, they must be uninstalled before a repair attempt, and reinstalled, after the repair, or it won't work.

Once you have your FSX up and running properly again, back it up, all of it.

You may need it again and it's a lot easier than a Repair or Re-Install.


In regard to AI being missing.....Did you have any AI programs like WOAI or payware added to your Sim? Did you accidentally install a FS2004 flightplan that killed all other FSX plans?

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Thanks Zippy. I think I remember reading somewhere the things you said. I couldn't remember exactly, that's why I posted this. Thanks for confirming it. I think with all I would have to do , and with me I wouldn't likely do it right ,I think I'll just leave well enough alone. Just live with the 20NM zoom thing. The only place it causes a problem is at the water runways, and even then not that big a deal.

The AI , That FS2004 thing I seen before. There was a program that was suspossed to fix that.. I did try using it but it didn't work,likely because I didn't know what I was doing.

Oh well.. Those AI's just kept getting in my way anyway.

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