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intel's 5960x VS 6900k for addons heavy loads on Prepar3d?


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First of all, I know these two processors are kinda similar but they differ in some things and I want to know which of these performs better for the sim. I am building a high end PC for just prepar3d and I want to full the Sim of addons to make it realistic and a better flying experience. I am gonna pair it with a Titan X Pascal and maybe in the future with SLI. I am gonna be running the Acer Predator X34P at 3440 x 1440 100Mhz. How I said, I want to put a lot of addonds & high settings, and try to achieve a smooth and fast FPS. I will OC the GPU & CPU with proper custom water cooling system.

I hope you can help me picking up the best Processor between these two.



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Is there any difference or issue with the 5960x due to its Higher Clock speeds (OC) 5.0Mhz compared to the 6900k that can just up to 4.4Mhz??? I am more worried about that because the 5960x can handle higher clock speed with proper coolng system and aslo doesnt get too hot.

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