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RealAir SF260 2D Panel


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It comes with a 2D panel that can be activated via the config editor.


If you enable the 2d panel, it should show, but it doesnt in my case. thats my issue.


Since I'm not going to buy this aircraft, can you give a brief explanation as to what this config editor changes? Is it editing the panel.cfg? Do you click a tab and some sort of magic is suppose to happen, but doesn't?


I did a quick read of the .pdf manual for this aircraft and it was really trying to dissuade the use of the 2D panel for whatever reason.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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the config editor, for the options menu, has two tick boxed, one to disable the 2D panel, which is the default option, and one to enable the 2D.


I dont know what its supposed to change, but in the panel folder, the provisions for the 2D are there, just not being utilised.


Its not a massive issue, I can live without, as the VC is great, just better than scrolling through the message thats already there, in place of the 2D

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I stand corrected. It's been so long since I installed this aircraft, I forgot about the config editor.


I tried it.


Once you check the block to show the 2D panel, check "Save" at the bottom of that page.


Once you run FSX, if you hit F10, it'll give you a prompt to press "A" to see the 2D panel


You actually have to press "A' about 3 times to cycle to the 2D panel.


Be advised that the 2D panel looks just like a zoomed out version of the 3D panel -- but if you look side to side, you'll see it is a 2D panel.

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