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Views to CTD

Allen Craig

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Nope. Try setting your compatibility (right click the icon and choose Properties) to XP or something similar, and uncheck desktop composition, etc. Experiment.


And I assume you are installing outside any Program Files folder. If not, choose Custom install and do that.

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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Well if this don't beat all...


I've reinstalled a couple of times


I've removed FS9.cfg and let the system rebuild it a couple of times.


This last time everything was fine no problems


Views worked as it's supposed to


Then I added text to the FS9.cfg file ***HideInfoText=1*** and then Views caused FS to crash


I then removed the text from FS9.cfg and views worked perfectly


I tried this a couple of times with the same results


WEIRD huh?

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