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problems after installing 1070


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Once installed, I started experiencing random restarts when using P3D. Then, I disabled random restart, and I started experiencing freeze-ups with black screen accompanied by a loud sound like - trrrrrrr.........

The only way to end this b*tt pain is to force a restart with "reset" button.

At the time I installed the card I had drivers 368.xx (I think), then updated to 372.xx, and now I have 368.70, and still experience the annoyance.

With Win 7 and GTX 970, almost 2 years, not a single issue, freeze-up, black screen etc nonsense. Now Win 10 and the nonsense just doesn't stop.


I just uninstalled PhysX and nvidia HD audio drivers, may be a conflict with my sound card drivers (??) Will see. Please suggest other causes and solutions.

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You may have a bad card. I'd contact the mfgr asap.


I'd do this:


Uninstall video driver

Run any one of the driver cleaners or select a clean install of driver.

Install ONLY the video drivers ( for now) - none of the other stuff

Open NVCP - select programs and select Prepar3d.exe - leave settings at default (for now)

Run a GPU monitor and check the temps, etc

Edit P3D.CFG and remove any entries of the old 970 card

Delete the shader cache

Run P3d - if you get the same noise and crash - I'd RMA the card.


Check to see if any unusual temp or anything out of the ordinary happened with the GPU monitor


If it works, you can then adjust your settings to your liking.


Does this ONLY happen with P3D? What happens if you run something like Furmark or another graphics stress test?


edit: are you positive you have the W10 Nvidia driver? The install program should fail if you try to install W7 version into w10 but you never know.




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Check power supply


I have 850W supernova, isn't that enough? The card has 2x quad connection inlets, plus besides the 2 SSDs I have a 1TB conventional drive. Do I need 1 kW supply? Meanwhile I installed back the 970, no annoyances so far but 1070 did make a difference especially with xplane.

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I think a solution is found, after tons of googling (which is like looking for a small item in a big can of trash) it was found there is a bug in power management between win10 and nvidia. So far so good, will know in a week.


Please expand, with references.


The only issue I am aware of surrounds the requirement to use `Prefer Maximum Performance` in the Nvidia Control Panel and as I only recently covered this in this very forum it would be annoying to find out your problem is simply one of not setting the card up correctly...


If not, (and it should take about a minute 30 to find out, not a week) then please be so good as to help those that help you, and every one else by referencing this `bug`.

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