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FSUIPC4 Problem:Flight Simulator has detected a problem with third party software...


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I have a problem with my FSUIPC4. It gives me this error and if I press Yes then FSX terminates, if I select No, everything works except my FSrealWX weather updates but it doesn't reflect physically. I recently started getting this error and it is frustrating. I did:

-Delete the files in FSX/Modules

- Restarted FSX

-Closed FSX and removed the FSUIPC related lines in the FSX.cfg

I also followed Peter L. Dowson's instructions whereby he said you need to try yes and restart until it works. I did not work. Please help.


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What OS?


That is a long way from the current version of FSUIPC, surprised Pete responded at all, he only supports the latest version. It's 4.955i as of time of writing. After installing a full version of 4.955c, you DID run the manual 4.955i update?


When you run the software you need to give the .dll permission to run so that message is completely normal. So it's the issue after you click `yes` that needs dealing with.

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This is a long shot; I seem to remember that you can get an FSUIPC error if it is in the wrong order in the exe.xml file. This can happen if an add-on doesn't play nice with the xml file.

What changed between FSUIPC working OK and it not working? that should give you a clue.

At the end of the day the best place for an answer to the problem is Pete's forum

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