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FSx, 2004 , 2002 and combat.


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Windows 10 and Flight Simulators



I have used Flight simulators for many years and with many operating systems. We all slowly had to change as Windows bribed, coerced or even blackmailed us into changing as the years went by ( 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista , 7 and 8 ) before 10 came along.


All had issues when it came to simulators, admittedly some simulators were never designed for systems that weren’t around when the product was released but patches were soon available to keep your favorites going, and pretty well under control up to window XP.

And so we came to Windows 10, hailed as the ultimate, version (don’t miss the opportunity to change while it’s free) and it is to be here forever, we soon found that just like some of it’s luckless predecessors it did have faults.


The very latest and I believe the last Microsoft Fight Simulator was FS x also named 10 and it was the most expensive where a large amount of disk space needed and a more powerful computer so I changed going up quite a lot in specification. The simulator did need a lot of tweaking but did run.


However after the last few update or upgrades it will not work at all, uninstall and start again results in the start up wizard failing before it even gets to actually installing the program, and a similar fate has befallen most of the other simulators I have when trying to run in Widows 10.


Combat Flight simulator Europe WW2 a very old one loads and opens but you can't control the plane with the joystick, Combat 3 a later version installs but won’t open at all , FS 2004 installs and won’t open, but FS 2002 which incorporates 2000 and is quite ancient works perfectly !


My query is with the Windows policy, do they intend planned obsolescence of Microsoft products because it so they are doing a good job, but does anyone designing any Windows operating systems actually try to run older programs to see if they work or do they just wait until the complaints and cries for help arrive and then try and fudge something together.


I have tried compatibility settings when available and running as administrator, also painstakingly following cures posted on the net which frequently become very involved but mostly refer to files either to change or delete which I do not have in my computer so I can’t complete the task.


Some of MS support was tried which in the case of getting FS x to load involves changing the file name, that did not work, or installing a windows package only to be told I did not have enough storage space when I tried, ( 1 TB 80% unused, how much do they want ? ). Close certain files which I could not locate even after following the detailed instructions on how to find them, but I did stop at the suggestion of creating a new account as I could see real trouble ahead in that direction and finally decided not to download .NET FRAMEWORK because I had no idea what it was designed to do. It gets all too complicated for the average home player


So it's a bit of a moan I am afraid but there must be hundreds if not thousands of us in the same situation.


My own solution. ? Drag out my old computer which runs XP and re load all the simulators into it, don’t plug into the WWW and disable the AV and firewall if it still works that way at least I shall be able to get some results

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My own solution. ? Drag out my old computer which runs XP and re load all the simulators into it, don’t plug into the WWW and disable the AV and firewall if it still works that way at least I shall be able to get some results


I find XP works like a charm!;)

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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you know, when you get past the crap MS does with each OS they come out with things become normal again. I have FSX Del boxed and SE as well I ran into a few small issues but with the help here got them sorted. My only other is thay AI traffic in FSX-SE doesn't work, either default or an add-on. I haven't spent much time trying to resolve it as the box FSX works well. Stick with it using whatever OS you like until you no longer have that option and when you need help we will be here for you.

Happy Flyin

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