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Carenado Citation II Engine shutdown


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Sorry guys I couldn't find any posts on this subject. Hope someone can help. When I shutdown the engines on the Citation II, the sound just stops and the engines keep running. If I advance the fuel control (mixture control) it gives me the engine startup sound. When I pull the fuel control back to cutoff again the sound just stops and again the engines keep running but no sound.


I uninstalled the airplane and did a fresh download from Carenado, reinstalled, and it still does it.


Any suggestions???


Rick Hargarten

Coupeville, WA

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Have you tried shutting down other things like electrical, battery off. Sounds like you are still in start mode, just not supplying any fuel. You can program a keystroke for "Auto-Shutdown" which does the job! Have you looked through the shutdown procedures in the manual?

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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