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C-47v3 *Garden in Transit* Repaint

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C-47v3 *Garden in Transit* repaint.


OK gang, this repaint took a lot of time and sanity lol... flower by flower, petal by petal and line by line using only two photoshop tools (Pen tool and the Polygonal Lasso tool).


This is a paint of an DC-3 featuring a colorful paint which was painted by sick children. Please read the links below for more information about this paint.






There are a few areas that have some issues in the model like the two engine area's behind the cowlings. There are only two parts in the paintkit but both those sections are for the four halves that make up the engine area's so the paint can not be applied with four different sides as is the real one because both sides of these areas in the paint kit are different. On the model whatever is applied to one side is automatically applied to the other side so painting this area is a mirror of it's opposite so they didn't need to make separate parts for each halve of the engine area. However, this prevents one from having four different painted parts as per the real paint but no biggie. The paint kit is really good and fun to paint this model.


There is some stretching in places that just didn't allow everything to be exact but with experience and some tweaking I was able to get most of these area's fitted to look respectable to the real paint which was actually like a huge body wrap applied to the real one but the parts were actually painted first as everything was laid out on a huge floor and painted. The parts were then cut out and fitted to the airplane by a special process.


Anyway for the most part I got it very close which I was limited to only four pictures of this plane to use for this repaint.


By the way,... I am taking donation-ware for help with my psychiatric treatment for reasons unknown after painting this one LOL








Here are a few articles explaining this paint and it's whole purpose.
















Repaint screens:























Enjoy everyone and have fun!




Some of the repaints I've created:


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Excellent job! Amazing detail in your work.

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Magnificent! Makes one want to go on a chase around the set with the Monkeys! :p:p


But all that fades compared to the wonderful project you're involved in. :cool::cool::cool:


Thanks so much for caring!!



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Thanks everyone! Yeah this one was a bit tough and very time consuming but it was for a good Cause so what the hey!. I'm still recovering from this one. I don't want to see anymore flowers for a while. I'll never look at Mother's day the same again! LOL Nothing personal Mom!!



Some of the repaints I've created:


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Thanks everyone!.


just don't over-speed or you might loose all the flowers!

I hope it never has to set down in a tropical jungle cause they'll never find the damn thing :p



As far as what might happen if your flying in the rain?.... well so far every time it lands after going through the rain there's a landscaping crew who actually keep it all trimmed up so......




Some of the repaints I've created:


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