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Focke-Wulf 200 "Condor" Dusk flight Heringsdorf - Bornholm (FSX)


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The Focke-Wulf 200 was an elegant German built airliner, made the first flight in 1937 just before the start of WW2. during the war, the military type was used as a long range reconnaissance bomber.


Here's a short fllight from Heringsdorf (at the Northern German coastline, near the Polish border) to the Danish island of Bornholm. I hope you like the old airliner :)


FSX gold / Acceleration

Freeware FW-200 by FS-9 Bauke Keitel, FSX "upgrade" by F.S. Scrub.

Freeware Heringsdorf scenery by Volker Wegner.

Default FSX scenery


Please click on the pics to enlarge:

















More in the reply*****

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Nice post, Jan, that was a great plane, and well ahead of anything we had in the air at the time... it took Howard Hughes and the Connie to even get close. Loved your post, my friend, please don't put that bird in the drink.
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Sweet! Beautiful plane - and I always appreciate dusk flights. :D
“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.†- Leonardo da Vinci :pilot:
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A very sleek plane. Especially for it's time. Some very Constellation-like lines.

What would we do without our favourite propeller-era museum curator?

Keep them coming Jan. And don't listen to the haters. :mad:

To paraphrase Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Inspiring pity is easy, inspiring jealousy is hard work." :)

— Bob



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Klee, Andrew and Bob, your kind comments are appreciated! :):)


Bob: Von Peerhovens have no haters, we have devoted followers and a few common and ordinary people who didn't fnd the truth so far :mad:

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