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FSX full screen and map on Android tablet.


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A while back someone was developing software that would display the map on the tablet while running FSX full screen. I expressed interest in this and was offered a chance to check it out but my tablet at the time did not have sufficient resolution. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Jim F.

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Hi Jim.

Look at Avare. It has the Charts, Plates, A/FDs etc. needed by pilots. You can download it at the site below and manually install it or get it on GP. Very simple to interface to the MSFSX, you only need Avare, xConnect, AvAddon and WiFi. For more help you can also post at the Forum. This is a Free app.

If you have any more questions post here, TV




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I have a video on how to install the Avare app for Android for both FS2004 and FSX. Give it a look. I use it all the time for VFR general aviation flight.




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