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Error 0x80091007 during Installation


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Approximately 5-6 minutes into the installation of P3D a message appears saying "Setup failed Error 0x80091007 hash value is incorrect" I am using a Windows 10 64bit PC. Any solutions for this rather troublesome problems?


Incomplete download, and at least one of the .cab files is corrupt.

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So you recommend a straight reinstall? Is there no way to tell which one is corrupt and download only that one from LM?


Don't want to have to reinstall P3D on my rubbish internet... I'll be here for days


Nope. Reinstall.

Start with Client, then Scenery. If neither of those fixes it, you know where the problem is: Content.


Uninstall each element in turn. Then reinstall just that element from a fresh download. Test the sim.


P3D is supplied in three separate elements precisely for this reason.


Follow this sequence and you maximise the prospect of NOT having to reinstall everything.

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