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FSX Aircraft Menu Selection


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Recently added some new aircraft to FSX, I get the thumbnails come up in the menu, but they are out of sync with the descriptions. If I delete them from simobjects/aircraft, the menu comes back in order. Is there a fix


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Cracked it, found that the JPG has to be in the aircrafts Texture file, I copied and pasted the missing ones and the order came back.

Lesson learned, thank you all

Well, there are several other ways to have the thumbnails displayed, but simply having a file named "thumbnail.jpg" in the ..\texture folder is the easiest method.


Any name other than "thumbnail.jpg" will require an entry in the aircraft.cfg file for each livery.

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Please, what entry. I would love to keep the default file in the texture folder, as thumbnail.jpg unchanged.


Then place another file in the folder to be used as thumbnail.


Is that what you meant. If so, what to name the file, and what line to add.


If you meant something else I'm interested as well.

Thank you sir!:)

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