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FSX and Justflight DH Chipmunk

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The Just flight Chipmunk for me has two stages of flaps that appear to be quite ineffective and could do with another 3rd stage of flap in its design to create more drag for landing in shorter distances, or is it me ?


I think it is just you, or your system or settings.


Perhaps provide some more detail - I can happily get the Chippie to land and stop before the piano keys on most tarmac runways. Approach at full flap and 55kts over the threshold, aiming for 45 before touching down tailwheel low.


With more practice, I got that down to 40 kts with full flap and carrying a little power as if on the back of the power curve.


If you get the distance right, you can even take all power off and then fly the approach and landing just using the flaps - just remember the full flap setting means a slightly steeper approach.

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