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So I'm Sitting at KLAS, Minding my own Business

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So I'm Sitting at KLAS, minding my own business, not having been able to take at flight for almost six weeks (hiatus due to programming duties). Need an easy flight, nothing to taxing, back to the desert. It took me a little more than seven minutes to tune in and prepare, and I looked up and saw this 757 patrol past...


757 On Watch Duty

001 KLAS Terminal.jpg

757 Still Watching

002 KLAS 757.jpg

Heading to KLAS 25R

003 25R Queue.jpg

25R Moving Up

004 25R Moving Up.jpg

25R Top of the Queue

005 Top of the Queue.jpg

SWA 737 Landing

006 SWA 737 Landing .jpg

One Above

007 One Above.jpg

Seven Behind

008 Seven Behind.jpg

My Turn 22:26 Minutes

009 My Turn.jpg

Freedom is the I15 Home

010 Freedom is the I15 Home.jpg


I wonder how many times I've been in Vegas and felt like I wanted to escape back home to Santa Monica. This time, I had to patiently wait my turn, but the escape was complete and screen shots turned out to be pretty OK too. Thought I'd share my experience with everyone, and the desert of California is beautifull, isn't it though?



FSDreamTeam KLAS

The C182S Tank


Best Regards!

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Excellent shots of KLAS!

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Great shots of a little Cessna with all those liners, I hope you were watching your temp gauges closely. I would have called the tower & requested to return the the hanger had a beer ok a six pack & waited hopefully the runway would slightly lighten up the go flying. Kenny
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Larry, Kenny, Slammer, Adam, Gary, Darren, Pugilist, and the KCD...Thanks guys!


You're all right. Sitting in the conga reminded me of that movie Contact. The scene where Dr. Arroway is stapled into the sphere, and it's shaking so much that all she can say is "I'm OK to go, I'm OK to go", pale as a ghost.


But once into the wind, the tank is like an old Porsche, or maybe a KCD Benz, its nose dips down and its pure speed across the desert. Fitting, as flying so close to Edwards, always reminds me of the sonic booms I used hear way back when.


Best Regards


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Caution wake turbulence in front and keep your speed up you have a 737 behind you...


No pressure right ???


That's an actual radio call I had from tower on a real SEL flight into KORF - seems appropriate here...


NICE set !






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