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Virtualcol DHC-3 Otter Users - Opinions?


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I saw this plane, and since I have a great fondness for the Beaver and Otter, decided to purchase it. I fly them primarily just as "water" carriers, and think they look just great from the exterior.

I am a bit shocked that in the 3D cockpit, you see the red rotating beacon light flashing throughout the entire interior...what the....?

In my opinion, the non-turbo sounds are not prototypical. Been in, and around enough of them to recognize they lack any low end, throaty sound at all.

The flight dynamics are horrible, unless I am completely off my nut. The plane sits too nose low, especially during water taxi. The plane rockets skyward upon take-off, and I have to have the throttle and prop levers way too low to get past over-speed warnings.


Has anyone who uses this plane experienced similar conditions which were corrected by edits/fixes? If so, would you be willing to help me with the necessary tweaks? Are there updates available for the FS9 version? I am having problems finding their website at the moment (bought it through simmarket).


Thanks very much :)


Neil :cool:

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Hi Neil, I don't have the DHC-3 but I did buy their Jetstream 31 last year and that was a fixer-upper too - there is an update for the DHC-3 on their website though, maybe it'll fix these issues for you:




Edit: The update is for the FSX/P3D version and was released last year - Sorry about that!

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