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An old (minor) problem, flashing 2D panels.


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I wasn't sure where to post this, as I recall it was mentioned a long time ago with FS9 users.

Anyone remember the fix to having the 2D panel of a plane loaded as the start-up "flash" until the views were cycled through?

My memory ain't what it used to be, but I recall it was due to having 3D enabled in the panel.cfg file after DX10 or DX11 (?) was updated?

The aircraft in question is the Alphasim/Virtavia B-52 G and H models, which I converted to run in FS2002. :pilot:


BTW, that aircraft download is still available as freeware and you can grab it at Virtavia's web site. Just look for the "freeware" tab. I really like the dynamics they came up with (can't recall who did the .air file and tuning, but they really nailed the performance with the advanced flight model). The B-52 has unique flight dynamics and this download is a bear to figure out and master- but it IS do-able. :cool:


Anyway, this is also related to the Windows 10 thread in that the flashing didn't start until after that last update. Its not a big deal so I'd rather not make any wholesale changes *and* it might get fixed after the next DX update, anyway, but does anyone remember the short-term fix?


BTW2, I may as well mention this. I've been tweaking and goofing with that download for a long, long, time. :rolleyes:

If anyone's interested in some re-paints, I 'spose I could upload what I've done:


- Late SIOP camo ("black nose" over gray and tan, with white undersides) from the mid-1980's. Aircraft is badged with the 43rd SW shield and an accurate tail # , the real aircraft had to be abandoned at Andersen AFB in Guam after cracks were found in the wing mounting pins. (B-52G, phase VI)


- Early 90's B-52H in "plain" Euro II SIOP paint. No nose art and accurate tail number for a "blue collar" plane from the 92nd BW at Fairchild. If you saw the HBO movie "By Dawn's Early Light", this is basically the same paint as the Buff in the film.


- A variation of the above, Euro II SIOP with 92nd BW nose and tail art that was featured in the "unbuildable" 1/72nd scale model kit from AMT/ESCI. Think "seahawks" on the nose and tail over the dark gray and green paint.


- A B-52H in "normal" SIOP camo that was featured in a short film/PSA from SAC called "SAC: The Global Shield" (look it up on YouTube) from 1980. The actual aircraft is tough to pin down but I believe it was filmed for "stock footage" at Offut AFB during a real Global Shield exercise. Based heavily on Jens-Ole Kjolberg's LINEBACKER I B-52G repaint (b52_lb.zip) , I added new nose and tail numbers, a SAC shield, and the "unpainted" buf/tan nose. This is the paint scheme I saw a lot as a kid growing up in northern Maine and Jens really nailled the basic camo.


- A modern (ACC) light gray H model from the 23rd BW, Minot AFB. Features the "Barrons" red and gold tail stripe and fictional "Minot Betty" nose art (I did this repaint back when it seemed like the airforce was naming everything from aircraft to pick-ups and start carts "The Memphis Belle", so I used some Betty Boop artwork and got snarky ).


- The REAL "Special Kay". :cool: Alphasim did a variation of this plane for the basic download and called it "1981" vintage for a bombing competition at RAF Marham. The real "Kay" flew at Marham in 1980 and featured some over-the-top nose art for a SAC bomber (relax, I kept it tasteful) plus the older camo colors. I lucked out on this one and found a ton of info about the real plane in an after-market decal set and spent a lot of time getting the art work right and putting it in the right locations.


The repaints will work fine in FS9 and probably in FSX. I could also put together a conversion kit to fly the plane in FS2002 if anyone's interested.

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There's a general panel flicker fix for FS9 which may work in FS8, it's an edit to the FS9.cfg file. If there's a similar entry in the FS8.cfg, you can add this line:


[DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti.0]






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Boo-yah! Much appreciated. :cool:


Edit- It worked just fine after I located the right section. Just for future ref for me and for anyone else who needs it -



Device=Intel® HD Graphics 4400








To find the location in the config, use the MS text file format and search for "display". Add the line below the "mode=" line.


Thanks, again. :)

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