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FPS Drop On landing At All Airports P3d V3.2.3/ 3.3.5

Soar 21

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Hey not sure if this goes here but So I am having This Strange Issue Hey So on Landing Or Approach My FPS go Down From 60 to 24 like it happens any time i try to land dose anyone know how to fix This This Happens At all Airports Including Default I i only have 2 addon airports latinVFR KRDU and KRSW and FSX: SE Dose not DO this


my pc specs PC Specs

CPU: Inetl i7 4790 3.6ghz (4.0ghz Turbo) Unparked

GPU: EVGA GTX 970 4gb ACX 2.0 SSC

RAM: 16gb 1600mhz Duel Channel

PSU; EVGA Supernova 650w P2 Platinum

Display: LG 42' 1080p TV

Peripherals: RAZOR CARCHARIAS Gaming Head Set Logitech Wireless Keyboard and mouse Thrust master Tflight X HOTAS






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Could be a sound issue. Switch off sound, then repeat the landing. Does it still drop as much?


If not, then it's to do with the sim settings - as you get closer the amount of autogen increases. Decrease sliders until it doesn't do it any more. Then you've fixed it. Most likely you need to pull back on the shadow quality and increase the Terrain Shadow cast distance and decrease the Cloud Shadow cast distance.


Also what possible reason do you have for running Tessellation at minimum? Would have thought with that card you'd want it near max.


Overall I'd say you have some really shonky and mismatched sim settings.

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