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How do I fly with directions?

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I just use the GPS and let make is do the turns. In the real world the only time the ATC tells you when to turn is during departures and approaches. During most of the fight you or the autopilot flies the plane. I maybe wrong (I'm only an arm chair pilot. ;)) If you file ILS, the ATC will tell you when to start descending and when to turn to start your approach. At that time you turn the GPS off. There are those out there that will give you better instructions.
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You file a flight plan.


You fly the flight plan with the aid of the controller.


If you file VFR most of it is down to YOU.


If you file IFR (and if you are flying a 747 you won't normally fly any other way) then it's down to you, in conjunction with the controllers.


The Learning Center in the sim has very good instruction on this, and many other things.

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