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Mesh question for new FSX re-installation


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I just built a new system and have installed FSX/Acceleration. On my previous "old" quad core machine, I have been running FS Genesis terrain mesh for years. The problem is that I cannot find the original downloads for all that mesh accumulated since I first installed FSX, so I need to start over from scratch.


FS Genesis seems to have been bought out by another person who is not honoring the old customers who were promised access to files they bought from Justin. It's the same mesh, with prices increased. But there are alternatives now, apparently. And I'm NOT interested in photo-real scenery.


So where to begin again? Should I bite the bullet and buy the FS Genesis mesh again, or are there better alternatives now? FS Genesis was good except I kept finding little remote airstrips in the U.S. and Canada that did not "fit" the mesh elevations (runways in holes or on platforms). Is there better mesh out there now, and if so, what is it?


Thanks in advance for opinions.

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Still have the old system?

If you haven't already, make a backup of copy of FSX. The whole shebang. Not just for this!


Copy your old system's FSX/Scenery folder(CD/DVD/USB stick) and paste it into a separate folder on your new rig.

Open that folder, and, your new FSX/Scenery folder. Size them to be side by side.

Your old install should have files with "FSG" in their names. Open each subfolder.

Simply copy those fsg files to their corresponding locations in the new.


If you originally used the "installer", you should have an FSGDocs folder with uninstall logs.

Those logs will tell you exactly what and where the FSG file were installed.

Open a log, scroll down to [Files] Ex:




You could copy that section of your logs to create a checklist...Don

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Thanks, @fsxttcb. Yes, in fact my "old" system is networked to the new one so copying across the LAN is a piece of cake.


One of the reasons for my question/post is whether there is a "better" set of global mesh than FS Genesis which is several years old. I note the reply from @JSkorna below, and I'll look into FTX Global Extreme. The problem is how to compare them and the range of coverage.

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FTX Global Extreme.

Looking at the Orbx website, I'm seeing FTX Global Base and FTX Global Vector products. The descriptions do not really tell me what each product is, so I assume Base is terrain mesh, and Vector is landclass? Then are each of the Terrain Regions photo-realistic? Hard to tell from screenshots which do look nice. I do not see any product named "FTX Global Extreme."

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Global Base is mostly textures (and lighting, I think), and does NOT have mesh. Extreme isn't available, at least on the FTX site -- I've never seen it anywhere. Their mesh will be another product that, as far as I know, still isn't available, though it's been announced. Vector is much like UTX (terrain, not traffic), but for the world, covering roads, rivers, shores, etc. along with landclass defining cities, forests, etc.


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