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CYPT Pelee Island to CYQS St Thomas Muni

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Roger Wensley Freeware

Ontario Canada


So many shots of the Canadian ice and snow lately, thought something warmer would be nice as the weather is changing. Flying on a beautiful day and the water textures are starting to look a bit more realistic. The 182, the tank, at speed and at rest.


Thanks for the great scenery Mr. Wensley!


CYPT Pelee Island Rush Hour

001 CYPT Rush Hour.jpg

Ready at Runway 09

002 CYPT Runway 09.jpg

Speed Blur

003 CYPT Speed Blur.jpg


004 CYPT Airborne.jpg

Pelee Island, Lake Erie

005 Pelee Island Lake Erie.jpg

Point Pelee NP and Leamington

006 Point Pelee NP and Leamington.jpg

West Lorne

007 West Lorne.jpg

CYQS Runway 09 Crosswind Slide

008 CYQS Runway 09 Crosswind Slide.jpg

CYQS St Thomas Rush Hour

009 CYQS St Thomas.jpg

So Very Orange

010 CYQS Very Orange.jpg

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A nice flight and fine pics. of it Mark. :cool: :cool: :)


Thank Larry! I used to love to make model airplanes, (back in the 60's), and wouldn't that have been great to have FS9 back then. I suppose the kids' still here, with a bit more wrinkles.

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Very nice shots Mark!!!!


Thanks John!


You know, total praises for Roger Wensley here. He has so many freeware masterpieces, especially his Ontario farmland grass strips. Do the farm animals say "Toronto" or "Torono"?


Been a fan of Canada as long as I can remember, and Alex Lifeson was in that movie Trailer Park Boys too :)

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Great job on these pics, very well done! :eek::cool::eek:


Thanks man! Its so much fun flying small airports, no ILS and a single NDB when you're lucky. Interesting as its pretty difficult to land on the center of the runway in a crosswind without a glide slope. Zero peripheral awareness and side slipping...eek...but still cool. With all of the intense X shots lately, I'm glad I'm in the tank.

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totally fgt that there was a peelee island airport...


Thanks Darren!


I suppose its not as notable as Pearson, but it is fun. Too bad the island is so small, takes about 10 seconds to fly around it. But Roger's airport is cool, it has a quality to it (both of them). Gotta force some AI into both airports. Just have to find the time. Fun though.


Take off to the great white north...

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Wow!! Talk about going back in time!! In the early 60's my cousin and I were both teens, we rented a boat, toured the Point Pelee Park and then out to the Island. And who can forget the Big Tomato Chamber of Commerce booth in Leamington!


Thanks for the beautiful Screenshots & the fond memories!!:cool::cool:

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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