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Nvidia GTX 1080 and 1070 inbound...


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GTX 1080 due May 27 - est price $599

Said to outperform the Titan X - up to twice as fast, in certain applications, while outperform 2 x GTX980 in SLI and using less power.


GTX1070 due Jun 10 - est price $379 (other sources say $399)


First Pascal architecture GC's. Both to feature Simultaneous Multi-Projection (no doubt software enabled, so don't start getting excited about P3D across 3 monitors on a single card just yet - the sim will need to be ready for it) whereby a single rendering pass can present up to 16-different-viewpoints per-pass instead of the current one. And the SMP also incorporates automated distortion correction so your three angled monitors will be far easier to set up with correct perspective.


Given what we know about the working relationship between L-M and P3D, I would expect this to be a huge advantage for simmers, in time. Also renders the AMD Polaris architecture irrelevant. AMD users would do well to start planning for Nvidia now!

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