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iFDG 737-800


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Hi all cannot get the JetBlue IFDG 737-800 to show up in the aircraft choices, I downloaded it plopped it into the simobjects airplane folder but it wont show up as a choice, any ideas? Thanks guys!
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Ok zippy I downloaded it from here just searched for Jetblue and got IFDG A321 and i did do it right


OK, I thought your post said IFDG 737-800?? I did find jb7e7.zip and will try it.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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in case it is what mrzippy found:


in that plane:


panel.cfg says:



change that to an aircraft you have.



this is a fs2004 aircraft, if no vc is in the model, you won't be able to add one.

Why is this a fs2004 aircraft? If you open the .mdl file in Notepad you see on the first line:


that means it's a fs2004 model.


if it had said


it would have been made for fsx native. Alas, can't change that.


sound.cfg file:




again,change to an aircraft you do have.



texture and model seem ok.



edit: (thanks mrzippy:) !)

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PS: A plane without panel, or linked to a panel on a plane you don't have, will not show up in the 'select aircraft' list.

It will still be available in the sim, but not as user selectable aircraft.


For example, all WOAI AI planes are without panels. That way you can have hundreds of AI planes installed and flying around you without them cluttering up the 'select aircraft' list.

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