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Does GTX 950 differ a lot from GTX 960 and GTX965 in FSX)

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I want to buy a laptop (yes I know, is 3 times better to buy a desktop, but in this situation it needs to be a laptop).


In my mind, there are 3 laptops. One has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M 4GH DDR3, the other has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 2GB GDDR5, and the last one NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M 2GB GDDR5, obviously all with a different prices.


All are Intel I5-6300HQ Quad Core 2.3Ghz - 3.2Ghz


Will the NVidia's affect the performance of FSX in a way that compensates the difference of the price which is 100€ each (from 950 to 960, and from 960 to 965).


Or does FSX focus more on CPU?




What about P3D?


I really need some help in this situation so I thank you in advance.

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I would definitely recommend the 960 over the 950, you really should be using DDR3 memory for graphics. But less so the 965 over the 960. But at the end of the day every last bit counts at least towards increased image quality, even if doesn't effect your overall FPS by much.
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NotebookCheck has a good summary of the different mobile GPU models. Here's a link comparing the 3 you listed. As mentioned above, the 960 would be preferable over the 950, and all of those would be better than the integrated Intel graphics in that CPU.


As far as CPU vs GPU, FSX relies far more on the CPU. However you do still need a decent GPU to get the best performance and image quality.


P3D makes better use of the GPU than FSX, but is still heavily dependent on the CPU.

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