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Is there a better aircraft picking add on for P3D?


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It's pretty much just like FSX. IF you use the FAVORITES button though, it makes the selection much easier. I just remove all the extra paints that I rarely fly and that shortens the list. As long as you fly many different a/c you have to display the selection. I don't see the problem - a list is a list. Go through and mark your favorites and the others won't display. On the occasion when you feel like something different, uncheck favorites to see all, make selection.



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Or you can do like me:

Edit the aircraft file and delete some of the texture files. Or put them in a folder on another drive in the case you need them or deleted one of the common textures. (how do I know that?)

Some aircraft come with a ton of repaints and I dont need them all. They just fill my ssd drive and the list (which you can edit with favorites, true).

many aircraft, I only have 1 or 2 repaints. I dont repaint my car every time I drive it.:cool:

Well, I dont change car so often as i change aircraft. I wish I could though.

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I too wish L-M had retained the selectable filters for the UI that FSX used. It is ever so much more convenient to start at the far right and pick the type (such as rotorcraft), then developer, then the list becomes shorter and more manageable.


Of course, since P3Dv2.x is aimed towards professional users, they would not have a hanger full of "add on aircraft" from which to choose anyway, so...


...I do understand why they didn't invest a lot of time on the UI. ;)

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ok, I will have to explore that. I did not realize there was a way to only show my favorites. I am still pretty new.


I came from the FS9 system of pick manufacturer, then airplane, then texture according to the ui entries.


Now you can save the flight with the aircraft and paint of choice, then launch the sim from that - using the Windows menu.


I have detailed this previously.

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