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Real buildings for use in FSX scenery making

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It seems to me that in FSX there are not so many airfields made that have realistic representations of the real buildings, compared with FS9. I have made airfields in FS9, mostly in Canada and Alaska and of varying quality, but some of them aren't too bad. If anyone wants to make an airport or airfield for FSX that I have already made in FS9, and wants to use the buildings I have already made for FS9, then email me at rogwen@rogers.com
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He doesn't have an issue, he made the damn things for FS9 from photos and he's offering them to anyone that may be interested in using them in FSX or P3D sceneries. Jesus, get over it.




Did you forget your chill pills when you got up yesterday? If not, perhaps you should up your dosage.


It's all good! Really!!:cool:;)

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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