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Advertisement covers File Library view.


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Hi Rick,

I was just on this page, and the advertisement for the pilotshop is not aligned to the right of the page, with the text etc on the left and readable.

Instead, the add is about threequarter way to the right, and covers the file description (partly).


I started using adblock plus, and adblocker ultimate yesterday. (using Firefox).

I thought, okay, surprising, yesterday I didn't see a single ad.

Then I thought, okay, this one got through. Doen't matter, but covering the page is a problem.

I thought the problem may actually be caused by the adblockers, but I disabled both, and I still get this.


I checked in IE-11, and it happens there too.


I was still able to download the file just fine.



this was the page:



I'll post an image of what I saw.

advertisement error.JPG



I also looked up a search term in the library. When I got a list of possible downloads, (not just one) everything was fine. The ad was on the right, and the library items were squashed on the left as usual.

It seems it only happens if you only have a single library result.




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I realise I did not mention the filename. It was: global_ai_ship_traffic_v1.zip

(but it happened with all other files I tried as well.)


Now I looked up the file again, and the page displays normal.


I did notice however that the link posted earlier no longer works and now shows "no search results".

But, that's because of the way I posted the link, copying from the browser bar only works for a short time, and only for the person that posted I think.


So, all fixed I think. Thanks rick!

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Unfortunately, NONE of the comments really had anything to do with

that particular file, so I deleted them. File Comments are just that,

comments on individual library files. For the sort of stuff that was posted

there, we have shoutboxes, forums, pms, vms, etc...

These comments are about these exact files.


It did bring up another problem I need to address. Pictures.

Do we need images and videos in File Comments? If we do,

I will need to fix the problems with LARGE images, like scale

them into the existing box for example which could easily make

them unreadable if they were a text graphic. Ideas?


Blue Skies!


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I'm not sure I understand. I guess you mean this was caused by an oversised comment/video on that page? ( I did not scroll throught the comments, I saw the download advertised in the screenshot forum, so I knew I wanted it.)


About size of images and links to video's, I don't have a strong opinion on that. I don't 'need' them large. But I can imagine someone finds it useful.


The comment section itself is useful. It is fun for the creator of the file, he/she can get some feedback that way. I once added a comment somewhere, because a file didn't work out of the box. I put a link in the comments to a thread on flightsim.com where a fix was explained. Very usefull to have that option I think.

I myself do read the comments, but eventually I just have to try it and see. What one person likes another may not. What works great on one pc may not work on mine.

I base my decision to download on the readme, the "view files" and the description.


Video's I hardly ever click on anyway. Not just here, but in general.

I'm not on youtube often. But I realise many people are, and get all their info from that.


I can see a use for large images. The creator of a download may wish later he had added some to the download. This would be a way to add them without re-uploading.

On the other hand, he could post them in a thread, and then post a link to that in the comment section of a file. Though that's not as 'clean' a solution, seeing as threads eventually move into the archive.


About video's. I'm thinking posting a link (or just posting an adress, no active link) to a video on youtube would be enough. That takes up very lille space.


Maybe this question would be better answered by someone that does see a need for them.

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