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What's everyone's go to payware airports?


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I'm really fond of the Heathrow. (Don't recall the brand, but it's the one most advertised.) However, it is huge and a serious frame eater! You need a big bunch of computer to be happy with it!!!


Also the ORBX KJAC which includes a lot of mountains and other scenery around the airport as well. Or just for fun, the ORBX KORS.

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I can't afford payware, but from the previews they provide, I would have to go with FSDT airports. They have come up with a number fairly recently, closely followed by the OrbX stuff.


Good stuff, both of them...



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

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I'm a big fan of Taxi2Gate's KMCO Orlando Int'l. It is a huge airport with lots of unique features, and surprisingly , excellent frame rates. 4 terminals with over 100 gates, plus many other buildings and cargo areas. The near thing is that they managed to actually make it "feel" like Florida. The sandy grass patches between the taxiways and runways, the trees, the waterways, just perfect.


I also have Flightbeam's KIAD. They did a really great job on it. I do suffer some framerate hits there. The problem is that Dulles is a terrible airport in real life, so even a perfect reproduction of KIAD is... Well... Yuck.

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FSDT's McCarren, in Vegas. I work near the real thing, and with the exception of the new terminals they're currently finishing, FSDT is really accurate.
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Hi Folks,


Does it have to be a Bravo ?


It sounds like you want commercial air - I prefer the smaller ones with commercial air - Key West FL by LatinVFR is a favorite... FlyTampa's St Martin, Tampa FL, Buffalo NY, Chicago Midway IL... ORBX Palm Springs CA, Bozeman MT, Jackson Hole WY, Eagle County CO are all exceptional and support commercial traffic (plan to get more)... All the ones I mentioned support at least 737 sized traffic with regularly scheduled flights...






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