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Speeding Up FSX Loading Time


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No, rupert is spot on. And if it makes such a difference for you, then you have some malware installed.

I have a good payware av, and fsx is not excluded. My fsx starts in 15 seconds.

Thats with loads of addon planes. (and freemeshx, woai, maiw, and addon airports. But those don't add start time.)

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Then you need a better antivirus program! I use Bitdefender (which I highly recommend) and the sim loads no faster with fsx.exe excluded - an average of about 18 seconds.


I agree. I tried the exclusion trick, with the internet unplugged to be sure, and my load time was the same.


The big thing I did to reduce load time was put FSX on a SSHD. It now loads hugely fast and my internet security system is still working.


USB777, I don't have a difference in load times except to a hugely densly detailed area such as EGLL. But even then, the difference is barely noticeable.

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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I am looking into it now, I must have something installed up there that is slowing me down. With over a thousand WOAI and MAIW as well a hundreds of scenery add ons no wonder but I have an average of a minute fifteen to thirty seconds everywhere else. I do keep everything on an SSD as well as firewall exclusions. I have tested the default FSX and lightning fast, way faster then FS9 was.

Mike G.

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