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Help loading a Aircraft in FSX...


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I just bought my first aircraft for fsx. I downloaded it and did what I knew to do. The Aircraft is a Skymaster . The program has an auto installer so there wasn't much I had to do according to the instructions. Anyway I started up the FSX game and found the Aircraft in the selector window for aircrafts . I pick out the one I wanted to start with and hit open The only thing I had showing was two (2) figures sitting in a seat in the cock pit area, visible was all the windows, and a couple of other ietsm. There was no Texture of the airplane body or anything else showing. I need help with why this happened. I never had this happen in FS9 2004 version unless I had forgot to copy/paste the textures into the main textures box. Anyway This is the first Aircraft again I've purchased and loaded nto FSX. All the default aircraft in FSX work great. Maybe there's something tht has to be done when you add another aircraft into this game that I don't know about . Thanks & Help is needed...
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Payware Skymaster limits it to two choices, AFAIK, FSD and Carenado.


The Carenado requires FSX SP2.


I do not think the FSD model has that requirement.


It would also help if you give us some info regarding your PC, which version of FSX you are using, etc.



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